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Конфликт Атландида-Гиперборея: Лаура Найт-Ядчек & В.И. Щербаков

«In any event, what seems to have happened is that the Evil Empire of Atlantis, headquartered in Antarctica, with major outposts in South America, India, Egypt, and other Southern locations, was defeated by the "Athenians," or the Northern contingent - the Hyperboreans. However, shortly after this victory, disaster struck, and it was a very long time before the different groups reassembled and were able to build the pyramids and Stonehenge. In fact, several catastrophes occurred between the final collapse of the Atlantean Empire in 10,662 BC and the final major disaster on the earth that occurred at the time of the Exodus, and which included the eruption of the volcano Thera on the island of Santorini. At each of these periods, the STS forces worked to consolidate their position, little by little obliterating the truth of the drama, except that it was transmitted to us by a true initiate: Plato. And we have Fulcanelli telling us to study the classical Greek authors, the Greek myths, for keys to our reality. He compares them to the stories in the Bible, and we certainly notice the similarity of the story of David to the story of Perseus. We then wonder if the stories of the ancient world were so widely known that they were co-opted to the use of the Egyptian religion - corrupted and distorted and "historicized?" On the other hand, we have people like Schwaller de Lubicz, trashing Fulcanelli, trying to defame him and bastardize his work, all the while promoting the agenda of the "Egyptian Gods," in order to open the Stargates to the reality of the Evil Empire of Atlantis - Global takeover and domination».

(Schwaller de Lubicz and the Fourth Reich by Laura Knight-Jadczyk:,%20Laura%20-%20Schwaller%20de%20Lubicz%20and%20the%20Fourth%20Reich.pdf)

Данная конструкция во многом совпадает с концепцией, изложенной в произведениях В.И. Щербакова «Чаша бурь» (1985) и «Далекая Атлантида» (1986). Ну разве что последний не поминал Шваллера де Любича и Антарктиду в качестве локализации Атлантиды.

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