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О совах и "головастых"


Изображение на западной стене монастыря Самтавро в Мцхете, Грузия, V-VI век

человечек 5

Новая мифология



Духи Wondjina австралийского "Времени сновидений"

etmummy "The photo was apparently taken back in 1972 by an archeology team from the University of Illinois while visiting a private musem in Arequipa, Peru. While the team were viewing exhibits, they were invited to view a special room 'out the back' which is where the mummy was being housed. This photo was taken at this time by one of the team members. According to the museum records, the mummy came from a group of locals who were scavenging what they thought were Inca tombs hidden in a nearly inaccessible cave high in the mountains near Tres Cruces. The cave was decorated with strange symbols of flying snakes exploding in the air and falling into a river.Unfortunately when the team returned to the museum in 1996, they discovered that the museum had been burnt to the ground after thieves stole all artifacts. According to legend, the mummy's current location remains a mystery."

человечек 2 Женские божества на Нижнем Амуре, 3 тыс. до н.э.

Керамика, III тысячелетие до н.э., село Вознесенское Амурского района Хабаровского края

Communion_book 3


Таинственные Визитеры Уитли Стрибера

человечек 1

"Портрет Лама" работы Алистера Кроули, экспонировавшийся в 1919 году в рамках выставки "Метвые души" (Гринвич-Виллидж, Нью-Йорк)
Кеннет Грант о культе Лама:
"Тайны Лама", лекция Майкла Стейли:


Каменная голова из Ики, Перу

5fd6876eb74f4e078903111b1533 IMG_3336 - копия

Голова дочери Эхнатона и Нефертити (Телль эль-Амарна, мастерская скульптора Тутмоса XVIII династия, 1350-1333 до н.э.)

чловечек 6

Owls and the UFO Abductee by Mike Clelland:
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